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Monday, August 30, 2010

All Japan News for Aug. 30th, 2010!

After the big event yesterday in Japan things are sort of getting shifted around a bit, especially in the balance of power.

BUSHI vs. MAZADA will finally settle the score as they will have themselves a Kabejera contra Mascara match (Mask vs. Hair)! Mazada already skipped out of having his head shaved, after he lost won of the captains fall matches a few months back, and he dawned a mask to cover his head. It would not take long as BUSHI would remove the mask and show that MAZADA lied and never shaved his head! This would cause BUSHI to go in an uproar, considering his fellow New Gen. Army member Yamato Hiroshi lost his hair in that series. MAZADA has been after BUSHI for months trying to remove his mask and has on a couple occasions now completely ripped the mask off of his face leaving him exposed to the fans.
The funny thing is that a lot of remember BUSHI when he wrestled as T28 a few years ago so it is not like we have not seen him without a mask, but he has a new sense of honor these days with the mask and he looks to keep it. So it will be interesting to see who gets the final laugh in this battle between the two on Sept. 10th. All I know is that whoever wins should get another title opportunity from this down the road as well. 

Soya Manabu, Suwama, and Sanada Seiya
The New Generation Army is now with the power in All Japan. Sanada and Soya was able to defeated TARU and Big Daddy V for the All Asia belts yesterday and set the night of for the balance of power in AJP. They have already gone on to say that they will be fighting champions, and even aim to prove that they are strong champions, even though they are very young. Soya being 25 years old and Sanada making history in AJP by being only 22 years old at this time.
Also for those who may want to seriously contribute something in Japan. They have announced they are looking for a name for themselves as a tag team. If you have any suggestions at all they have opened an email address for people to send their suggestions:
Their tag team name will then be announced at the 9/20 Korakuen Hall event.

Suwama managed to take out Suzuki and now he aims to bring honor back to the belts after he felt that the last champion treated them like trash. Suwma is the oldest of the new generation and the leader at this time, so with him getting the belts brings the swing of power almost to 100% in the their favor.

With Great Muta returning yesterday you know it would only be a matter of time before Mutoh Keiji would officially make his return, and his comeback match is set to be a great match in the making.

Yes you are seeing that picture correctly as Mutoh will be facing Funaki Masakatsu on Sept. 10th!

All Japan presents "2010 FLASHING TOUR", September 10th, 2010, (19:00 hour) at the Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, Japan. (Subject to Change)

1. Fuchi Masanobu & Tsuyoshi Kikuchi vs. Hama Ryota & Yasufumi Nakanoue
2. 6 Man Tag Match: Nishimura Osamu, Taiyo Kea & Akebono vs. TARU, KENSO & Rene Dupree
3. Suzuki Minoru vs. Minoru
4. Mascara contra Kabejera: BUSHI vs. MAZADA
5. Mutoh
Keiji Return Match: Mutoh Keiji vs. Funaki Masakatsu
6. Kaz Hayashi & KAI vs. Kondo Shuji & Yamato Hiroshi
7. Suwama & Kono Masayuki vs. Sanada Seiya & Soya Manabu

Kaz Hayashi keeps going strong and has managed to defend his title for a total of 14 consecutive times. With only one more win separating himself and Fuchi Masanobu from being the most successful Jr Champion in All Japan, he has been given a new challenger in the form of Kikuchi Tsuyoshi. Kikuchi who is 45 years old is an odd choice to place before Hayashi, especially since he has not done much in his career in years. I think just from doing my own research it seems that Kikuchi was the last person to beat and end the Junior Heavyweight reign of Fuchi's, so maybe it has something to do with that? This should be interesting to say the least. Plus who knows? It would be pretty interesting to see Kikuchi take out Hayashi, but highly unlikely at this present time.

We also have some other big matches lined up already for the September 20th Event as well, here is the card as it follows at this time: (subject to change)

1. Mutoh Keiji vs. KAI
2. Suwama, Sanada Seiya & Soya Manabu vs. Funaki Masaktsu, Suzuki Minoru & Nishimura Osamu
3. World Jr. Heavyweight Title Match: Kaz Hayashi (c) vs.
Kikuchi Tsuyoshi
4. World Tag Team Title Match: Taiyo Kea & Akebono (c) vs. KENSO & Rene Dupree

Mutoh vs. KAI will sure to be a great match in my eyes as I see a lot of talent in KAI, and you know Mutoh sees it as well. This match could be the push that KAI needs to take his career to the next step no matter if he wins or loses.

Well it is now apparent that KENSO was given his 3 year contract in place of the death of Lance Cade. Dupree and Cade were set for a tag team title match and yesterdays event, but as we know that was not meant to be. So with KENSO now stating that he is looking for dominance in Japan it will be interesting to see how far AJP let's him go.

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